Pro-Lok: Install And Protect

To resist unauthorized access, Pro-Lok has developed the patent pending Entry Armor™ latch protection system.

Note: It is important to be certain the latch protector is plumb (vertical).

A permanent marker was used to mark the location for the two carriage bolts. The permanent marker filled the squared openings, leaving an exact pattern for the hole.

A pilot drill bit, 1/8” diameter was used to start the hole and to insure that the interior door face, a veneer would not split. The final diameter, 5/16” would be drilled from both sides.

Once the holes were drilled, the carriage bolts were slid into the ELP-240-S and mounted onto the door. The jamb molding did not let the latch protector seat. Instead of modifying the opening, it was determined that two spacers would position the latch protector. The spacers are designed to fit the contour of the ELP-240 Series latch protectors. They are manufactured of hardened steel and plated to help prevent corrosion. The final step was to install the washers and tighten the nuts to secure the Entry Armor ELP-240-S onto the door.

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