PELCO DX-8100 Series Video Recorder Is a Mean Machine

Because DVRs rely on hard disks instead of tape, data storage is virtually unlimited. Users can record, play back, and view live video simultaneously.

The new version of the DX-8100 has eight analog camera channels, and another 16 IP camera channels. If you’re running analog cameras, you can triple the camera capacity without upgrading the DVR.

Flexible Storage: The DX8100 provides a variety of options for internal storage and data redundancy needs. New 8 TB models provide increased storage retention. New USB 2.0 JBOD external storage meets cost-sensitive demands. Combined, the new storage options increase the HVR’s recording capacity to 16 TB. Customers requiring file redundancy can select from a range of RAID 5 options up to 9 TB of external storage.

Adaptable Viewing: The DX8100’s unique server dual display capability allows simultaneous viewing of up to 72 cameras. Up to four extended composite monitors can function as public view monitors. The DX8100 favorites feature lets users quickly recall any combination of camera and views for easy camera navigation. These extensive selections make the DX8100 adaptable for complete surveillance viewing.

System Health Check Monitoring: When an operating limit is exceeded, an alert appears on the server and connected remote clients. System health check monitoring helps ensure maximum system uptime.

DX8100 networks can grow as security requirements expand. A unit can operate as part of a network of as many as five DX8100s and DX8000s.

The remote client can administer DX8100 servers, and it can simultaneously control and operate up to 36 cameras.

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