Power Supply Overview

Choosing the right power supply is crucial for your electronic access control or CCTV installation.

There are several on-line resources such as power supply selection charts and other product selection charts. Currently Securitron is developing the Door Control Wizard version 3 that will configure a single or multiple door configurations along with a magnetic lock bracket selector, gate product selection wizard and mobile door control wizard for smart phones.

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Setting up systems incorporating electrified exit devices such as the Von Duprin EL requires specialized power supplies to satisfy the high current inrush required by these locks. Unless you provide the right power supply, you are in for problems because the Von Duprin EL simply will not operate properly if not fed properly. Electrically speaking, a Von Duprin EL is comprised of two parts: the solenoid which mechanically connects to the latch (or rods), and an electronic module that automatically controls the power to the solenoid to limit current draw once the initial application of power to the device has retracted the hardware an unlocked the device.

Von Duprin EL devices are frequently used for pairs of doors, banks of doors, and inner and outer vestibule locking systems. It is not uncommon for card readers, motion sensors, timers and handicapped door operators to also be incorporated into the same openings.

The ALTRONIX StrikeIt combines power, control timers, auxiliary relay outputs, auxiliary power, and fire alarm interface into a single box solution for these openings. Using an integrated solution such as the StrikeIt ensures that your system conforms to Code, and will not require on site ‘engineering’ that will result in a rat’s nest of relays and wires which no one will document, and will be almost impossible to troubleshoot after six months.

StrikeIt is UL listed and MEA/CSFM approved.

The StrikeIt has dual channels and is designed to provide 24VDC power for a maximum of two electrified panic devices with very high inrush requirements.

Each channel has an adjustable relock delay input which can be configured to control either a pair of doors simultaneously or provide independent control of two single doors.

Each channel also has a pair of relays which can be configured to trigger or otherwise control external equipment such as automatic door openers or electromagnetic strikes. External trigger devices such as ADA push plate switches, motion sensors or timers may be used with StrikeIt

StrikeIt can control automatic door operators where the doors are always locked or where the doors are unlocked during the business day. When the doors are locked, the StrikeIt delay allows time for the EL to activate before signaling the door operator.

While the doors are unlocked for the day, “Follower 1” & “Follower 2” may be used to enable handicapped push plates.

Two un-switched auxiliary voltage outputs are provided for powering keypads, electronic timers, or relays.

StrikeIt offers a programmable FACP interface will either provide power or remove power to the lock outputs when activated.

The device’s operation may be observed using LED diagnostic/status indicators which monitor input AC voltage, FACP status and to distinguish between an open and a short on the lock output terminals.

Intelligent logic provides protection against accidental shorting of lock outputs.

Features include:

Two 24VDC individually or simultaneously controlled lock outputs rated @ 16 amp for 300ms.

One 12VDC filtered regulated auxiliary output rated @ 1 amp continuous supply current. (Not affected by FACP trigger)

One 24VDC filtered regulated auxiliary output rated @ 1 amp continuous supply current.(Not affected by FACP trigger)

Two delayed follower form “C” relay outputs rated @ 1 amp/28VDC. Delay time is selectable .5 seconds or 1 second.

Two (2) follower form “C” relay outputs rated @ 1 amp/28VDC. Relays energize while input is closed.

Input 115VAC 50/60Hz, 1.9 amp.

Two (2) N/O Trigger Inputs.

Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries.

Automatic switch over to stand-by battery when AC fails.

Maximum charge current .3 amp.

Green LED indicates input 115VAC present.

Green LED indicates panic device status (short, open or triggered).

Red LED indicates when FACP disconnect is triggered.

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