Impulse Buying Through Customers’ Eyes

The sales of impulse items and the standard over-the-counter sales of duplicate keys, etc., can go a long way to cover the costs of day-to-day operation.

On the counter are painted, patented and artistic keys, key covers, Pig lights (a big seller), and a sunglass rack. The sunglasses are offered year round. During summer, there are hats including straw cowboy, pork pie, Indiana Jones type and baseball caps. The demand is high and the profit margins are more than 100 percent. This reinforces that opinion that no one should limit his or her consideration of impulse items just to security. In front of the cash register are a Medeco sign and Arrow Revolution brochures.

Both Lucky and Pro-Lok offer hundreds of impulse items. This variety of items can offer your customers a wide range of choices. With impulse items, try a new item when reordering to replace one or two slower selling items.

Painted, patented and artistic keys are available from manufacturers including Howard Keys, Jet Hardware, Kaba Ilco, Klassey Keys and Klinky.

Behind the wall is the divider between the showroom and the work area. There is a walkway to the left and a cutout in the wall to the right of the cash register. The way the store is laid out, an employee working on a lock can see the cash register, the front door and most of the showroom.

On this dividing wall, there are impulse items individually packaged key ring accessories and board mounted key chains of varying sizes and shapes, flashlights, garage and gate remotes, a bottle lock, Remote Skins and a Keyless Ride Entry Battery Station with tester.

Lucky Line has introduced the Remote Skin® an innovative solution to broken vehicle remotes, making them usable. The remote skin is a weather resistant soft neoprene body with a vinyl window that slides over a broken or intact remote. The Remote Skin protects the remote from the elements. Three sizes of Remote Skins have built-in key rings.

Also on this wall is a monitor connected to four CCTV cameras located throughout the showroom area. When customers walk up to the counter, they can see themselves and other areas of the showroom. According to the locksmith owner, introduction of the CCTV system has significantly reduced “shrinkage.”

Suggestion: Place a sign next to a camera or monitor that reads, “We can install this in your business or home.”

To the left of the front counter, an aisle between the half wall separates the key cutting area and the tall and short cases. The back of the shorter case has displays of the Don-Jo door hardware products, sliding bolts and door viewers. The tall case is also open on this side with concealment devices and door closers.

The half wall contains individually packaged items mounted onto boards. These include cam locks, sliding door bar locks and lock boxes. At the end of this dead-end aisle is an Abus standalone display.

Kalifornia Key Chains give keys character and personality. Pro-Lok’s just introduced line of Entry Armor has added new security options for door hardware latch protection, wrap plates, home security and commercial security products.

Behind half wall of this aisle way the key cutting area extends the entire depth of the showroom. Behind the key machines on the wall is the keyboard and above it some wall displays for door hardware, A. D. A. Approved signs and painted key blanks. Just above the keyboard are bright signs printed with Door Security, CCTV, Latch Protection, etc.

To the right of the counter is the safe area. Safes are on the floor, in racks and on top of other safes. Options range from inexpensive fire safes and boxes, in-floor safes to TL-30X6 safes that are sold to jewelry enthusiasts. They even sell the Stealth Safe, an innovative in the floor safe for a van, recreational vehicle, raised foundation or concrete floor.

At any one time, at least 50 safes are on the showroom floor. Mechanical and electromechanical safe locks are on display, including cutaways. Displays educate the customer, including one that describes fire protection materials. To expand on the possibility of selling a safe, a few used safes are on the floor at all times.

This locksmith store sells a number of fingerprint safes. The Pro-Lok Fingerprint Safes include the GLSF-08FP and GLSF-10FPM. Both of these safes store up to 30 fingerprints. They are manufactured of steel and have two 3/4” diameter chrome bolts to protect against unauthorized access. Each safe is equipped with a shelf and a mechanical override lock.

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