E-Plex 5800 Series Meets FIPS 201 Requirements

The E-Plex 5800 series is an economical solution to online systems which may not be practical or affordable in many applications.

The new E-Plex 5800 Physical Access Control System (PACS) Series from Kaba Access Control is the latest roll out of enhanced technology to meet the growing security needs of the institutional, commercial and governmental security markets in which Kaba has been a leader since it first introduced the Simplex lock many years ago. It builds upon the field-proven mechanical chassis of the E-Plex, and provides the upgrades by means of more powerful processing and software.

E-Plex 5800 PACS carries the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) Grade 1 Rating and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 3 Hour 10c rating for fire door applications.

The E-Plex 5800 PACS is made in the U.S.A. and meets the Buy American Act. It is a GSA approved commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution and appears on the FIPS 201 Approved Product List (APL).

E-Plex dealers already are aware of the constant upgrades to the E-Plex line which is now offers a wide selection of features for the standalone market.

The warranty is three years, and unique in the industry, the warranty clock starts running upon commissioning of the system, not date of shipment or invoice.

If you like to keep a spare on hand for emergencies, this is an excellent inducement to do so rather than wait for a failure and then demand an overnight replacement. How many times have you pulled a product off your shelf to install, and it’s already or nearly out of warranty? I bet more than once.

You ask: How do they know?

I answer: The built-in warranty counter in the lock’s memory.

The rollout of the 5800 series coincides with the introduction of other new features and products which impact other E-Plex models, and overall increase the power value to the client, and ease of deployment of the entire product line.

The 5800 targets the market segment which is subject to Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201). Currently this market includes entities which are subject to Homeland Security Directive 12 (HSPD 12). Part of this directive called for the implementation of a smart card initiative which met the requirements set forth in FIPS 201. The goal is to produce a common identification standard for all federal government employees and contractors.

The E-Plex 5800 PACS is designed to authenticate and provide physical access using Personal Identity Verification Contactless smart cards containing the bearer’s encrypted card ID data, digital signature, and certificate data, including photograph which complies with HSPD 12 FIPS 201. The E-Plex 5800 was the first Physical Access Control System integrating certified CHUID (CardHolder Unique Identifier) readers into a stand-alone locking device certified to meet the General Services Administration (GSA) standard for FIPS 201 products.

The E-PLEX 5800 PACS enables the user to not only enable or extend an existing electronic access control system, but also offers the power to implement a highly secure opening within a facility in order to meet HSPD requirements which might apply for the user if he wishes to participate in activities which require strategic deployment of compliant measures on openings to selected areas.

The E-Plex 5800 PACS supports all types of FIPS201 compliant cards including:

The PIV-I and PIV-II cards used by the U.S. federal government employees and contract workers

The First Responder Authentication Credential (FRAC) is used by emergency service workers. The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is used by transportation workers. The Common Access Card (CAC) is used by the Department of Defense. Also supported are Philips DESFire Contactless smart cards

The E-Plex 5800 PACS incorporates “CoreStreet-enabled” FIPS High Assurance technology ensuring enhanced credential authentication.

Access can be granted by either (credential) card only or dual credential (PIN followed by credential). Special Super Service users can be programmed PIN-only access.


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