Incorporating Video Into A Single-Door Access Control System, Part One

The BlueWave Security NetGen IP Door Controller makes your favorite electric door hardware manageable over the IP network.

G.R.I. 120T-12WG magnet switch set

HID Proxpoint™ Plus proximity card reader model 6005

Trine Axion 3234 with the 234X-375 faceplate The Altronix Power Supply/Charger converts 115VAC 60Hz @ 1.9 Amp input to a continuous filtered and electronically regulated supply of 6 Amps current at a selectable output of 12VDC or 24VDC. It offers battery backup and can charge up to two 12VDC/&AH batteries within the 13.5”H x 13”W x 3.25”D enclosure.

The NetGen IP Door Controller was installed into the enclosure. Having the NetGen IP Door Controller in an enclosure provides protection. Wiring to the various components will connect to the NetGen and will also need access to the power supply. Having them both in one enclosure simplifies the wiring process.

The Axis 211 Indoor/outdoor network camera has a manual focus DC-iris 3.0 – 8.0 mm lens that provides a viewing area of a sufficient size at about 20 feet to view the complete door entry and a sufficient area surrounding. First adjust for the area to be in focus, then adjust for focus.

The camera records 30 frames per second in VGA (640x480) resolution. The video buffer is 1.2MB covering pre and post activity. Security password protection limits the ability to view the video to only those authorized. The Axis 211 camera can be wired using an RJ-45 or 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (Ethernet). Included with the Axis 211 is a camera stand.

The Axis 211 was selected for this installation because it provides excellent video features while being simple to install and set up.

There are only two real requirements for the cameras selected. First, they must either be IP (Internet Protocol) cameras or the output from Analog cameras must be converted to IP and made accessible via the IP network. This can happen right inside the camera body (for IP cameras) or in a converter (for example Axis’ model 240Q converts up to 4 Analog camera inputs into IP networked output). It can even happen in a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Networked Video Recorder).

Second, the cameras or camera system must have some way to trigger a Record event. Usually this is a contact closure that the controlling electronics can detect and use to decide to save the video being captured. Sometimes it’s motion sensing software built into the camera.

Many of the newer cameras can operate with the NetGen IP Door Controller. If you want to be completely sure, you can use most Axis products. Since BlueView Pro is able to connect to ONSSI and Milestone software Digital Video Recorders, you can also use any of the cameras they offer in their extensive compatibility lists.

To ensure the door is closed, a G.R.I. 120T-12WG Concealed Door Position Switch for wood doors was installed into the top of the door and the jamb directly opposite from each other about one foot in from the swing edge. The normally closed switch is installed into the jamb with the permanent magnet installed into the wood door.

Access is controlled using an HID Proxpoint® Plus 125 kHz Proximity Card Reader. The Proxpoint Plus 6005 can read HID cards with formats up to 85 bits. The read range is up to one inch. The potted electronics make this reader usable for both indoor and outdoor applications. An 18- inch pigtail is standard. The power consumption is 5-16VDC. At 12VDC the current draw is .075 Amps. HID recommended maximum cable run is 500 feet using 22 AWG.

The door was equipped with a Grade 1 Yale cylindrical leverset equipped with interchangeable core. A standard 2-3/4” strike plate was installed into the Timely Frame. Timely Frames have minimal clearance.

For this reason, the Trine Axion 3012 Electric Strike was chosen. The 3012 Electric Strike operates at 12VDC. This compact, Fail Secure electric strike is equipped with an intermittent duty solenoid. Installing the 3012 electric strike into a Timely Frame requires using the Trine 234X-375 faceplate in order to provide the proper clearance. The additional ramp length of 3/8” compensates for the Timely frame design. Modification to the jamb was necessary to accommodate the faceplate. The 3012 electric strike with the 234X-375 faceplate will accommodate cylindrical locks having up to a 5/8” throw, based on a 1/8” door gap.

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