Fix High-Traffic Doors For Good With Geared Continuous Hinges

Deliver total door service by fixing the real problem — worn hinges — and you’ll make more money and also satisfy a customer by fixing their problem for good.

For architectural appearance, geared continuous hinges are available in custom anodizing and paint colors to match door and frame colors. So you can save the customer the cost of replacing expensive doors by matching the hinge to the door and frame appearance.

To meet building fire codes, geared continuous hinges are available with up to a three-hour fire rating.

For customers interested in green products for their buildings, hinges from SELECT are made from up to 100 percent recycled aluminum.

Make Doorways Safer

Sometimes, facilities such as hospitals, correctional facilities, schools and other institutions need an anti-ligature hinge to deter patients, inmates or students from injuring themselves. You can help them increase safety and meet legal requirements by ordering either a hinge with a hospital tip prep (concealed hinges only) or by retrofitting doors with the new SELECT Tipit™ anti-ligature hospital tip. Made from a durable, high-tech polymer, the wedge-shaped Tipit hospital tip securely attaches to the door frame header above the hinge with #10 Torx® SST security screws.

Retrofitting existing doors with the tip and a full surface geared continuous hinge cuts expenses by saving the existing door and frame. So you can increase safety without replacing hardware on all doors, and end repeated door repairs because of SELECT hinges’ 50-year life span. Or add the Tipit to most other brands of full surface hinges.

The SELECT Tipit comes in black (for dark bronze anodized hinges) and gray (for clear anodized hinges).

When you get the call, do more than repair the lock. Install a geared continuous hinge and provide a strong solution to high-traffic entrances, a good source of income and a way to create long-term, happy customers.

Bob Cronk is vice president, sales & marketing, Select Hinge.

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