Zodiac-Lite Fingerprint Reader

Enroll and manage up to 90 users right at the reader using the hand-held programmer. Use with a door control module to create a stand-alone door access control system

The RP15 is a multi-technology card reader designed for customers upgrading their current card system from some of the most popular proximity formats to iCLASS® credentials.

With the RP15 reader, the customer has the ability to transition to smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities.

One of my clients is a subsidiary of a large corporation which engages in activities subject to Department of Defense regulations.

When Corporate Security recently announced the rollout of an enterprise-wide FIPS 201 compliant credential, there was a certain degree of anxiety. (This announcement was greeted as a sort of unfunded mandate by certain entities among the corporate citizenry)

But such a rollout was inevitable and made a lot of sense. Besides achieving compliance with FIPS 201, the new credentials would allow corporate members to be able to travel throughout the enterprise knowing their credential would grant them access and make for a far more secure environment.

Using readers such as the RP-15 multiCLASS Reader allows for seamless integration without having to totally retool their EAC system.

The RP15 multiCLASS reader was specifically designed to assist customers with the transition from the popular HID MiniProx® and other mullion mounted reader form factors. The RP15 features the same mounting dimensions as the MiniProx to allow for an easy direct replacement.

The multiCLASS family of products provides true iCLASS security, the ease of Prox and the power of smart cards.

Simple Migration from the most popular proximity technologies to iCLASS® Open Architecture Design allows project specific formats and keys and provides flexible options for processing multi-technology cards and configuring the reader’s audio/visual characteristics.


125kHz – HID, Indala, EM4102 or AWID proximity

13.56MHz – iCLASS, ISO 15693 CSN (MyD, ICODE, Tag it), ISO 14443A CSN (MIFARE, DESFire), US Government PIV, ISO 14443B CSN, FeliCa™ IDm, CEPAS CAN or CSN

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