Olympus Lock: Defining Rekeyable Cabinet Locks

Olympus offers easily rekeyable pin-tumbler, IC and engineered cabinet lock bodies, as well as keyways and cabinet lock solutions for commercial and institutional facilities.

Padlockable cam lock - This is a cam lock that accepts a padlock as the locking device. Typical usage is on lockers.

Showcase Locks

New items: Olympus is constantly adding new items to our product lines in order to provide a more “complete” cabinet lock solution for the institutional user. We have recently announced the addition of showcase locks to our small pin; standard cylinder and interchangeable core product lines and we now also offer a small pin file cabinet lock. If you are looking to key your cabinets to your door system, Olympus probably has a solution.

To provide solid mounting office locks into less than solid furniture, Olympus Lock offers the ETS line of through-bolt mounting plates, mounting plates with built-in pulls and templates. These through-bolt plates provide solid mounting onto particle board and similar office furniture.

Olympus Lock offers a variety of accessories to ensure the best possible appearance and lock operation. These include internal spacers, strikes and cams for most applications. To change the key bitting combination, we have pin kits for the National and CCL keyway locks.

Olympus Lock is a manufacturer of easily rekeyable, pin tumbler cabinet locks and interchangeable core cabinet lock bodies for a broad range of commercial applications. Our mission is to create pin tumbler cabinet locks and accessories of unparalleled innovation, quality, keyway compatibility, and value in a manner, which sets a new industry standard for excellence.

Beth Nielsen has been the Director of Marketing at Olympus Lock since 1992 and is responsible for overseeing all advertising, promotional programs and public relations.

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