Early Warning System: RCI Early Warning EM Lock

In this installation, the Early Warning EM Lock is used to separate two portions of a medical clinic and to alert owners to forced entry attempts.

The Rutherford Controls Int’l (RCI) Early Warning EM (Electro-Magnetic) Lock provides the additional benefit of notifying when forced entry is being attempted. The RCI Early Warning EM Lock, part number EW8310, is UL Listed, has a Security Condition Sensor (SCS) that indicates when the door is closed and properly bonded, auto sensing voltage from 12 to 24VDC, low voltage detection and up to 1200 pounds of holding force. The current requirement is 0.58Amp @ 12VDC and 0.29 Amp @ 24VDC.

This Early Warning EM Lock has a patented, built-in sensor that detects when 55 pounds or more of force is applied against the electromagnetic holding force. The 55 pounds requirement limits false alarms that can be initiated accidentally, or by means such as the building’s air system creating a vacuum effect on the perimeter doors. This sensor can then activate a local and/or remote alarm dry contact relay switching (SPDT and DPDT), and an optional buzzer prior to the door being compromised.

A six- inch light panel built into the front of the magnet indicates status. When the door is secure, the light panel flashes green every five seconds. When access is granted, the magnet is de-energized and the door is opened. The light panel will illuminate red. The light panel will remain red until the door is closed and the magnet bonds with the armature plate. If someone attempts unauthorized entry, the light panel flashes red and the lock enters the first of three alarm conditions.

The first alarm level is the four-second Nuisance Delay, which occurs when the pressure is first exerted. The light panel will rapidly blink red and the local alarm relay will be energized. An external buzzer will emit a pulsing sound indicating someone is attempting to gain entry. If the pressure is withdrawn within the four seconds, the Early Warning Magnetic Lock returns the normal condition. The Nuisance Delay is in case of accidental contact with the door. This way the door can be bumped without activating an alarm.

If pressure continues for more than four seconds, the EW8310 will enter the Remote Alarm Period for 30 seconds. The remote alarm relay will remain energized. The light panel will slowly blink red and an optional external buzzer will emanate a continuous sound. If the pressure is withdrawn within the 30 seconds, local and remote alarms relays will return to the normal condition. However, the light panel will continue to flash red and green, indicating a serious attempt has been made. The magnet must be manually reset to return to the normal condition.

If an entry attempt stops and is reapplied once tampering has extended beyond the four seconds, the Early Warning EM Lock goes immediately to the Remote Alarm Period and both the local and the remote alarm relays energize.

If an entry attempt continues and the door is forced open, the light panel rapidly blinks red. The optional external buzzer emanates a pulsing sound and the local alarm relay is energized.

Even if the door is then closed, the alarms and buzzer (if equipped) will remain activated until the power is turned off.

This precautionary technology provides an opportunity to circumvent forced entry. As a secondary benefit, the RCI Early Warning EM Lock can be used as a standalone recording lock mechanism or incorporated into an access control system.

On specific days of the week, a company rents the forward portion of the clinic. The forward portion of the building is separated from the rear portion by two corridors. The main corridor has a separating door that is in swinging. The secondary corridor is equipped with keyed levers locks at each end.

The front portion of the building houses the reception area, offices, examination, procedure rooms and three marked exits. The rear portion of the building has two marked exits.

For this installation, the RCI Early Warning EM Lock will be used as an access control device in a medical clinic that takes the entire building. The Early Warning Magnetic Lock will be installed onto a non-fire rated/non-latching door that separates the front portion of a medical clinic from the rear.

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