Electromagnetic Locks: Approved, Listed, Recognized & Certified

Maglocks are relatively inexpensive, work many door and gate types, have no moving parts and are reliable and cost effective.

Adoption of the 2009 IBC returns the release of an electromagnetic lock back to the user by releasing the door **only** when an attempt is made to exit. This is done by using a listed and approved switch mounted in a bar. Although NFPA has always allowed this, when IBC was formed in 2000 from the legacy codes this option was left out. Bars with switches require no other devices and do not have to be connected to the fire system. Under IBC 2009, doors requiring panic hardware cannot have maglocks, but recently approved IBC 2012 will allow this.

Which Securitron products help the installer achieve code-compliant installations?

The Securitron DSB which combines mechanical switches as the primary release mechanism with the familiar Touch Sense technology for added reliability and speed. Securitron offers Delayed Egress in both positive initiation and door movement initiation; it is available for both rated and non-rated door assemblies. Securitron also offers standard Touch Sense exit devices along with PIR exit sensors and 30 second timed release buttons to meet most every code.

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