Surface Mounted Door Closer Accessories and Options

Determining exactly what the end-user needs and installing the best door closer with the appropriate arm and options will give your customer many years of trouble free operation.

A Corner Bracket is a mounting plate that is installed onto the upper hinge corner of the jamb. A Corner Bracket can be used where top jamb and parallel arm application will not accommodate the door and frame conditions. There are several different configurations of corner brackets. Each configuration allows a specific degree of opening. They vary from 110 to 180 degrees.

IMPORTANT: A Corner Bracket requires minimal header height and door top rail in order to operate. However, make sure the vertical clearance from the bottom of the Corner Bracket to the finished floor within the door opening is tall enough to ensure code compliance.

Another important consideration is the geometry of a corner bracket mounted door closer. According to information I have received, the surface -mounted door closer’s power efficiency is reduced significantly (around 20 percent) when compared to a regular arm installed door closer.

Retrofit Plates

Retrofit plates are designed to use a different manufacturer’s model of door closer than the one installed without having to drill new mounting holes through the door. The retrofit plate mounts onto the door with existing door closer mounting holes. The new closer mounts onto the retrofit plate.

Retrofit plates eliminate the extra four through-bolt mounting hole sex bolts that can be seen on the opposite face of a door where the surface-mounted door closer has been replaced.

Spacers are available for the door closer and the arm assembly to compensate for variations including a rabbited frame, frames with ½” blade stops or to lower the door closer arm in order to provide unobstructed operation. Spacers are available from most door closer manufacturers.

Optional Closer Covers

Another option for door closers are different covers for the closer. Those door closers that have available covers can usually be order to a specific finish to be compatible with the arm and the shoe/soffit. However, there are plastic, snap-on plastic, metal, lead lined and security covers.

The optional covers either simplify the installation adding a level of protection or security against vandalism and theft. The lead lined covers are designed to provide protection against radiation entering through the door closer mounting holes.

The Norton drawn steel security cover is fastened to the closer body at four points of attachment. The steel security cover is available in sprayed or architectural plated finishes.

Door closer installations have become more than just slapping the universal door closer onto the door, adjusting a few screws, getting paid and driving off into the sunset. Finding out exactly what the end-user wants and installing the best door closer with the appropriate arm and options will give your customer many years of trouble free operation.

For the optimum installation, follow the door closer manufacturer’s instructions.

For More Information

The following is a partial list of lock manufacturers that offer surface mounted door closers, optional components and accessories, along with their web sites. Also, check with your local locksmith distributor.

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