Cambridge Innovation Center Goes Wireless With SALTO

When you’re located just steps away from the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most prestigious technical schools in the world, building security and access control is a subject that has to be taken seriously...

The bi-directional technology of the SALTO XS4 wireless system combines the advantages of both on-line and off-line solutions. Any number of doors can be wirelessly connected to the system thanks to its IEEE 802.15.4 and 2.4 GHz technology. Gateways and repeaters act as antennas, collecting and sending information from the PC via SALTO SQL software, to the standalone wireless locks (which use AES 128 encryption) and one gateway can manage several repeaters and electronic locks, minimizing infrastructure costs.

With a single click, CIC can configure or make changes to the network in real time. They can monitor the network, download audit trail information from the locks, delete users remotely and securely, collect battery status of the RF locks for maintenance and much more all from a single controlling PC and all in real-time. And thanks to its self-healing capabilities, if an individual lock should lose RF connection at any time it will automatically scan for a new connection to an alternative gateway or repeater, restoring communication and maintaining security.

“So, you may be asking, what does it mean for our clients?” Keenan continues. “Well, apart from seeing new locks on their office doors and getting new key fobs with high-tech encryption, like many of the technical systems at CIC most of the magic happens behind the scenes. Although our eventual aim is to have SALTO wireless locks on all our floors by the end of the year, the new system will appear to clients to be much like the old system, securing the lobbies and office doors while still allowing 24/7 access. One added feature on this front will be electronic access to the stairwells. After the upgrade, CIC clients will be able to move between CIC floors without having to wait for the elevators.”

CIC began the move to SALTO in early June, starting with a review of their system software, then progressed to retrofitting the new wireless locks onto 10 office and closet doors, one Uno office and one shower room on the 11th and 14th floors, replacing a previous mix of hard wired electronic and mechanical keyed doors.

Over the next few months more and more of this conversion process will roll out throughout the center, with expansion onto the 3rd and 4th floors completing on Sept 1st. Installation and set-up is being managed by two SALTO Service Partners (Davco and Floyd).

Ion Murga, Marketing Manager Americas for SALTO Systems Inc says “An effective, robust access control system is a key requirement for any building with multiple tenants. Its objectives should be to control and restrict access to authorized personnel and areas, prevent and prohibit all likely security threats from occurring and reduce the degree of vulnerability of critical assets to theft. The SALTO XS4 wireless access control system achieves all these objectives. With an expanding business and an increasing number staff, clients and visitors on site every day, the number of users and doors the system can manage is unlimited, giving CIC the scalable future-proof solution they need.”

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