Specialty Tools Make the Locksmith’s Job Easier

Here’s a first look at some of the newest tools for the automotive locksmith.

The latest DVD from Tech-Train and Lockmasters (Part Number 590DVD) covers not just the new GM Flip-Key system, but also the earlier high-security systems used on the Pontiac GTO, Pontiac G8, and Saturn Astra. The DVD covers lock disassembly, reassembly, and key generation for each system. It also features an interactive menu that will allow the viewer to jump directly to the portion of the video that he or she is interested in.

For more information, contact Lockmasters, telephone 800-654-0637, web site www.lockmasters.com.

Framon SD2 Key Machine

This high security key machine is the first machine of its kind that will duplicate and originate side-milled keys using a mechanical system. The machine does not use a computer in any way to cut these new keys from code. Instead, the X and Y axis movements of the vise are controlled by two “Code Rods” located below the carriage. Different sets of code rods allow the user to cut different types of keys from code. The machine is shipped with rod sets for the Honda and VW / Porsche / Audi side-milled systems. The mechanical nature of the machine makes this the lowest priced code machine available for side-milled keys. Additional rod sets being introduced on an ongoing basis. Currently, rod sets are available for the following side-milled systems:

  • BMW 4-Track
  • GM Flip-Key / Saturn Astra
  • Hyundai / Kia
  • Infiniti Q45 4-Track
  • Mercedes 4-Track
  • Saab 2-Track
  • Subaru 4-Track
  • Toyota / Lexus

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Framon, telephone 989-354-5623, web site www.framon.com.

Silca RW4Plus Cloner with Snoop

Having the ability to “clone” a transponder key can make your life a lot easier. The trouble is that it can also make a car thief’s life easier as well. All you need is a brief access to the key, and with the proper cloning equipment, you can make an unlimited number of keys in a matter of minutes.

Naturally, this is not what the manufacturers had in mind when they designed all of these fancy anti-theft systems, and that is why cloning technology is constantly changing. Every time a new cloning procedure comes on the market, the manufacturers try to come up with a new system that can’t be cloned.

The latest battle in this ongoing war has been fought over the so called “Circle Plus” keys that use the Philips 2 encrypted transponders. Only a few months ago, these keys were not cloneable, but now all of the cloning tool manufacturers are introducing new machines to clone them.

The Silca RW4Plus now includes a unique gadget called a “Snoop,” that gives it an edge over the competition – at least for now. The “Snoop” is a small electronic device that attaches to the head of a key. When the key is inserted into the ignition and turned to the “ON” position, it reads and analyses the data that is exchanged between the key and the car. Armed with this information, a locksmith can then make a clone key that will operate the car in a matter of moments. Right now, the Snoop is used primarily for the Circle Plus system, but may be used on other systems in the future. Systems for cloning the Circle Plus keys from other manufacturers that do not have a device like the Snoop may require several cloning attempts before a working clone key is generated.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba Ilco, telephone 800-334-1391, web site www.kaba-ilco.com.

KeylessRide Hotwire

The Hotwire system makes use of what is known as “Pass-Through” programming. The software for the programming resides on a laptop, and then the Hotwire box connects your laptop to the vehicle. This makes for a very versatile and easily updated system. As a general rule, only one cable is required for most applications and the Hotwire unit can take the place of several different tools. It can program transponder keys, program remotes, bypass and / or retrieve certain vehicle PIN numbers, and allow you to send and receive incodes and outcodes.

The folks at Keyless Ride have recently introduced two new software packages that are sure to be of interest to many automotive locksmiths. The “Ford 10-minute Bypass” package allows you to bypass that annoying 10-minute wait on most Ford vehicles. The “Mazda outcode / incode bypass” package promises to produce the correct incode for 95% of the new Mazda CAN vehicles in two minutes or less.

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