Adventures In Wireless Video

Tips on bidding and selecting components for a wireless video project with networked indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras and recorders. The project also included refitting the front doors with new exit devices, a door bell and a remote release system.

The project included refitting the front doors with new exit devices, a door bell and a remote release system.

The video system involved six cameras: two interior cameras in the main building, two exterior pole cameras in the main building parking lot, and two exterior pole cameras at a remote storage yard located a short distance up the road from their main building. The spec called for IP cameras with wireless infrastructure for all exterior cameras.

We asked one of our prime vendors to analyze the spec and supply us with a component list and design. Their participation was essential, and they came through.

We came in as one of the low bidders, and after an extensive series of emails and sales engineering, we ultimately won and as I already told you, completed the project.

Following is a listing of the products installed.

Von Duprin E996L Lever Trim

Von Duprin E996L Lever Trim contains the unique patented breakaway lever design and combines it with an electrified lock/unlock function.

This type of product allows applications such as premises entry control where the electronic access control system or receptionist button permits momentary or extended unlocking of the trim.

For high-rise stairwells the E996L trim enables electrical control of the exit device lever trim on the stair well side of the opening. The innovative design allows for stairwell security during normal operational times, yet provides the option of connection to the central fire alarm system, which can simultaneously unlock all trims when the fire alarm is triggered. This action eliminates potential life-threatening situations during fire emergencies.

Von Duprin 9827/9927

The 9827/9927 surface mounted vertical rod device for all types of single or double doors is UL listed for Panic Exit Hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1 compliant. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts.

The 9827 device has a smooth mechanism case and the 9927 device has a grooved case.

The surface vertical rod device is non-handed except when the following device options are used: SD (Special Dogging), or SS (Signal Switch).

Keedex Door Loops

When electric /electronic hardware is installed on a door, a means to carry the circuits from the door to the fixed frame is required. For this project, we needed to carry the unlock voltage from the power supply over to the E996L lever trim. We used a Keedex door loop.

Keedex has a wide assortment of door loops, and also supplies parts so the installer can create door loops for custom installations. Options include diameter and material of the flex conduit, as well as color and size of the connector base.

STI-32500 Wireless Chime

The STI-32500 musical wireless doorbell chime is easy to install, with no electrical wiring and no expensive through-the-wall drilling. Installation is as easy as mounting the button on the exterior of the door and plugging the receiver unit into any indoor electrical outlet in range.

To extend coverage to more rooms, just purchase additional receiver units that can be plugged into any room within 250 feet of the transmitter.

BEA Transmitters & Receivers

BEA 433MHz Series Transmitters and Receivers are ideal for the wireless activation of electrically locked doors.

The Transmitters are available in hand-held or pushplate styles and they transmit a unique rolling code each time the transmitter is activated (thus providing a secure door opening signal).

The transmitter is powered by either a 3-volt or a standard 9-volt battery and illuminates a Red LED when activated.

Digital ID View Cameras

With a general purpose 3.3-12mm lens, the Digital ID View IV-FD141VK outdoor fixed dome network camera was easy to deploy and provided articulate outdoor images. With an IP66 rating, it was heavy duty throughout and kept our ladder time mercifully brief.

The Digital ID View IV-FD161VK network dome camera has a slightly wider angle lens, and a LED which indicates when the camera senses motion.

Both have IR illuminators, and can be powered over PoE (Power over Ethernet) which is how we configured our cameras.

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