Bridging The Gap Between Mechanical And Electronic Security

Medeco’s Hybrid product line, released in 2008, was developed in conjunction with HID, an Assa Abloy sister company and a leader in RFID technology. Medeco approached HID with a demanding requirement which was to build an RFID reader which could fit a...

With Aperio, the Hybrid cylinder will communicate with Electronic Access Controllers via a wireless hub with a Weigand interface. Access decisions are made in real time by the controller and relayed to the cylinder. This will allow administration to make system changes instantaneously, locking out individuals with the click of a mouse. Audit information will be available at any time.

Simple installation, auditing and scheduling are just a few features available with Medeco E-cylinders. In comparing system installation, maintenance, and operating costs Medeco E-cylinder is a very cost effective solution for many facilities. Medeco E- cylinders are mobile, not tied to a wire or specific location. As departments grow and move within a facility, they can take their Medeco E-cylinders with them. Medeco E-cylinders offer quick and simple installations.. Installation can be done in minutes

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