Continuing Education March 2011

  Throughout the year, manufacturers of locks and door hardware make it easy for locksmiths to upgrade their skills and / or learn something new to help their locksmithing businesses prosper. Locksmith distributors are another excellent source for...

Customized Product Seminars provides personalized and custom training. Contact your local or regional sales representative to arrange for a customized product seminar.

Rutherford Controls also offers organization specific certifications. Different organizations and seminars come with a variety of credit hours and points. Some of the certified programs we offer include Just the Basics in Electric Locking, Just the Basics in Electric Locking & Wiring and Review of Electrical Locking Products

For more information regarding certifications and custom seminars in the United States, contact Tammy Mlak at 1-800-265-6630 ext. 2202.


SDC Road Academy

SDC Academy hits the road to major cities. SDC Road Academy curriculum includes product education, real world access hardware applications, doors and frames, new and retrofit construction and life safety code compliance. Go to to download full details and RSVP form, or contact factory for future SDC Road Academy Dates. Or call 800.413.8783.



MBA USA, Inc.’s course schedule includes GSA security container classes on servicing, opening, & repair, GSA container identification, and GSA approved container inspection. Together these add up to 10 days of GSA training every month the classes are scheduled.

MBA also offers a 10-day Fundamentals of Locksmithing class, as well as bank and safe lock servicing classes and can conduct customized classes.

Training is held at MBA’s new education center in Nicholasville, KY. All classes are small (never more than 9 students) in order to maintain high standards.

Contact MBA USA, Inc. at 1-888-622-5495 or e-mail us at or


DynaLock Electronic Security Hardware

DynaLock offers training sessions on electronic security hardware at its headquarters in Bristol, CT, led by John L. Schum, VP Sales and a Door and Hardware Institute Instructor for 20 years. Classes cover electric wiring diagrams, basic security hardware and code compliance. Experienced DynaLock technical staff also presents hands-on classes in creating and wiring locking/access systems.

Upcoming dates:  Classes are scheduled upon request at DynaLock or distributor locations.

For more information: call 877-DYNALOCK or Email


Marks i-Que Certification Class

In the i-Que electronic certification class, students will learn about the versatility of the Marks stand-alone access control product line. The class covers all types of locksets - cylindrical, mortise, tubular and exit device.  From the basic functions of the Metro series to the high-end proximity lock, the features and highlights of each type of lock will be discussed. The students will work with a mount and lockset installing the lock on the pre-drilled mount; then setting up the lock for operation at a simulated job site. The students will then install user codes and some basic programming using the keypad. The class will then review the software package that can be utilized to program the locks.  The class will conclude with a question and answer session.  At the end of class, the students will be given the mounted sample lockset they have worked on.

Instructor is Raymond Krispin Director of Electronics Marks USA. For more information: 631-225-5400.


Securitron University

This one-day series of courses is designed for all levels of experience in electronic locking, including electronics, wiring, product selection, site survey and installation. Sessions include: Basic Electricity and Electric Locking, Advanced Electric Lock Wiring, State-of-the-Art Smart Products, Electric Lock System Site Survey and Design, Securitron State of the Art Smart Product System Wiring and Securitron Electric Lock Installation 101.

This class is offered at Securitron headquarters in Sparks, NV. On-location classes may be scheduled through Securitron sales representatives or instructors.

For more information: Mark McBroom, telephone 800-624-5625, Ext. 443, Email


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