Continuing Education March 2011

  Throughout the year, manufacturers of locks and door hardware make it easy for locksmiths to upgrade their skills and / or learn something new to help their locksmithing businesses prosper. Locksmith distributors are another excellent source for...

Professional Locksmithing provides you with a comprehensive set of skills to masterkey most industrial locking systems. In Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing classes, students learn the fundamentals to identify and troubleshoot mechanical safe locks. In Electronic Safe Lock Servicing classes, students learn the fundamentals to identify and troubleshoot electronic safe locks. In Safe Deposit Lock Servicing, students learn how to service, repair and maintain safe deposit locks. Basic Safe Penetration classes teach how to accurately drill a safe without damaging the integrity of the safe and how to strategically drill into a safe and defeat the locking mechanism. Combination Lock Manipulation teaches how to manipulate a lock to retrieve the combination. LockOne gives certification on the proper methods for installing, servicing and maintaining the Kaba Mas X-09 & LKM7000 Lock Series on SCIF doors. In Group 1 Lock Training, students study the Sargent & Greenleaf 8400/8500 and 2937 Group I and/or IR Mechanical Combination Locks and explore the vulnerability, strength and weaknesses and techniques to manipulate these locks without damage to the lock or security container. Tactical Entry Level 1 gives the student the ability to identify the Target lock(s), the doors or hardware that they are on and determine the best method of defeat; enter the target facility, take control of the asset and exit the target facility without leaving evidence of the entry. Access Control Technician (ACT) teaches how to become a proficient technician and installer that can service, maintain, troubleshoot access control systems.

Detailed course descriptions are available online.

March 2011 Courses:

Feb. 28-March 10: GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician, Woodbridge, VA

March 11: GSA Inspector Certification (1 Day Addendum), Woodbridge VA

March 7-18: Professional Locksmithing Course, Nicholasville, KY

March 15-18: Multimodal SCCS, LA

March 18: S&G 2740 Lock Training, Nicholasville, KY

March 21-25: Aviation O.P.S., Dallas

March 21-31: GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician, Nicholasville, KY

April 2011 Courses:

April 1, GSA Inspector Certification (1 Day Addendum)

April 4-8, Group I Lock Training

April 4-6: GSA Inspector Certification (3-day course)

April 11-15: Tactical Entry, Level 1

April 11-21: GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician

April 22: GSA Inspector Certification (1-day addendum)

April 25-May 6: Professional Locksmithing

April 28: LKM7000 Lock Certification, San Diego, CA

April 29: S&G 2740 Lock Training, San Diego, CA


SIA Security Project Manager Course

The Security Industry Association (SIA) project manager training program focuses on the unique demands of electronic security projects, an approach that attendees say provides significant benefits in a short amount of time.

SIA’s four-day Certified Security Project Manager (CSPM) program stresses the hands-on aspects of designing and managing security projects and is aimed at helping attendees achieve the hallmarks of effective project management – bringing projects in on time and on budget. It is offered several times a year in the United States and Canada.

Keith Cohick of Security Management Consulting, meanwhile, said that the CSPM program’s focus on the security industry sets it apart from other project management courses and gives security professionals the expertise needed to “step in and share the limelight of a security project.” The course, he added, is a wise investment for both security project managers and their employers.

“This class was one of the best classes that I have attended during my career,” Cohick said after taking the course in Virginia in June. “I realize the cost can be a concern to many companies in this day and age. However, my personal opinion is that after completing this class, that person brings back the information and shares it with upper management. At that point, you can restructure and or make minor changes to your company processes. The cost up-front will be made back many times over.”

More information is available by visiting or contacting Kim Roberts, SIA's manager of education and training, at (703) 647-8496 or


Assa Abloy Americas University

ASSA ABLOY Americas listened to its customers and partners when they voiced their need for a comprehensive and complete training program. The new solution is two-fold: Provide learning environments that are near major metropolitan areas in the form of state-of-the art training centers and provide a wealth of eLearning online training programs.

Individuals interested in the online eLearning can apply to be a student in the ASSA ABLOY Americas University. After being accepted into the University, students can enroll in online courses and also schedule themselves into the classroom recourses.  To create a profile and enroll, visit

Each training center has a classroom and a lab with full size doors that students prepare, core and install products in a real life experience. For full schedule, location, cost and registration information, visit

DORMA eLearning

DORMA Architectural Hardware’s “DORMA eLearning” site ( ) offers a convenient, online platform for learning about architectural hardware and obtaining continuing education credits through the American Institute of Architects (AIA). DORMA is a registered provider with the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems, All courses meet health, safety, welfare and sustainable design requirements.

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