Power Supplies: Securitron Goes Off the Grid

Alternative energy seems to be a popular topic of discussion these days, with the final verdict of its feasibility up for extended debate. Primary concerns about alternative energy sources relate to cost-effectiveness and functionality. Solar energy has...

Nothing special is needed other than a compass.


What would comprise a typical deployment?

Typical installations include the BPSS, GL1 gate lock and the DK-25 keypad (any access control device drawing less than 100mA will generally work)


Are any other Off-The-Grid products forthcoming?

We are looking into expanding our gate and fence line with solar friendly products in the near future.


Is there a preferred standalone access controller?

The DK-16 or DK-26 is Securitron’s recommendation, but any controller that draws less than 125mA continuous power and 450mA when operating the fail secure lock ( lock power included)


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