Powering Standalone Electromechanical Locks

Standalone electromechanical locks require battery power in order to operate. Most network-capable, standalone electromechanical locks have a battery condition indicator. As the battery in a networked lock begins to reach replacement, the software can...

I was emailed the chart on page 16 for use in this article. It seemed apropos as the chart was for battery life for ActiVHeat® heated glove liners that this is early January and I received another email discussing six inches of snow expected in Atlanta, GA.

IMPORTANT: Lithium batteries are not recommended for use with electromechanical door locks for two reasons. Their life expectancy does not follow a calculable pattern, removing any timeframe for usable battery life. They operate and then stop almost immediately, providing no room for gauging replacement time or knowing when the batteries are loosing charge. Another reason is that Lithium batteries can have too rapid a discharge resulting in overheating, rupture, and explosion.

Overheating or leaking can also occur in alkaline batteries if there is too rapid a discharge or with rechargeable batteries that are too rapidly charged.

According to the All About Batteries web Site: http://www.allaboutbatteries.com, the average voltage for a “AA” alkaline battery is 1.5, the same as a “C” alkaline battery. Aside from the shape, the difference between the two batteries is the milli-Amp hours (mAh), the Watt-hours (Wh) and the Joules (J).

The milli-Amp hours for a “AA” battery is 2122 and for a “C” battery is 7800. The Watt-hours for a “AA” battery is 2.60 and for a “C” battery is 9.56. The Joules for a “AA” battery is 9360 and for a “C” battery is 34398.

The “C” battery has approximately 3.67 times more milli-Amp hours, Watt-hours and= Joules than a “AA” battery.

A battery’s voltage declines steadily during use. Alkaline batteries are optimal for intermittent of light load continuous duty. Electromechanical locks normally draw a light load when being operated.

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