Fighting Scammer Locksmiths

On January 13th at 12:45 p.m. I received a text message from my 23-year-old son that read like this: “Does it make any sense in the world for a locksmith to charge $500 to let a girl who lost her keys back into her apartment?” My response: No My...

I let Moe and Larry know that they were so much higher than any legitimate locksmith that it wasn’t funny. When I made mention of the typical scam locksmith Moe was actually insulted! He told me he spends lots of time fixing what scammers do out there and that he greatly resented being mentioned in the same breath as them. They finally agreed to reduce the ‘per cylinder’ charge from $150 to $100 and refund Holly the difference, $161.

I called a few locksmith customers who I know to be very fair and reputable and after painting the scenario. Asking them to give me their highest, most extreme estimate for this job at 11 a.m., I got anywhere from $125 to $270. Realizing there was still lots of room before this transaction could be considered fair, I negotiated some more. The best they could (would) do was a $200 refund.

Later that evening, Holly left a phone message telling me that someone just dropped off $200 to her and that she was extremely happy and appreciative of my efforts. We all know that if I was just some guy calling to complain, they never would have considered refunding a dime, especially considering I was calling from several hundred miles away. The leverage here was my association with the Locksmith Ledger and the threat of an article being written using the company’s real name as well as that of the Two Stooges. Sorry guys, but you did scam this young lady as well as anyone else you did this to and the reputation of the everyday, hardworking and fair locksmith is suffering because of folks like you.

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