Opportunities in Safe Deposit Boxes

Professional locksmiths call on a variety of special job skills to generate profits. Things like basic key duplication, rekeying and lock installation are a given. Even selling safes is a common occurrence in lock shops. In addition, there are...


There are plenty of opportunities for profit in the field of safe deposit service. Make up a small promotional flyer or tri-fold brochure advertising your company’s ability to service safes and safe deposit boxes for these accounts. Get on the internet and do some research to create a list of banks, savings and loans and even hotels in your area. Include smaller communities in your area, most have at least one banking institution.

Then take a few hours in the afternoon on a couple of different days and go cold-calling these accounts. Excuses for not doing this are easy: I’m too busy, I don’t have time, I hate cold-calling, etc. Simply deliver your material with a business card and ask for a name and phone contact to follow up with regarding safe deposit work.

There is a respectable profit to be made here. Charge a fair price, but don’t give it away. It is a special ability and service that you offer, charge accordingly. You have to target this specialty customer base, contact and inform them of your services and convince them to give you a try when the need arises. If you don’t tell them how good you are, who will?

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