Norton X-in™ Power Door Operator Retrofit

A Norton 5900 Series X-in is installed onto the corridor doorway of a handicap-designated hospital room.

The Power Assist allows the door to be opened manually with a force of less than five pounds. Obstruction Detection is designed to avoid accidents when someone tries to go through the door during either the opening or closing cycle. During the opening cycle, the door closes if it contacts an obstruction. If the door is closing and contacts an obstruction, it will stop moving until the obstruction is removed from the opening. Power Latch increases the closing force to give the little extra that is sometimes necessary to close and latch the door.

When the unit is first powered, the door will open to the maximum open position that can be determined by looking at the door stop arm. For this installation, the door stop arm is located on the bottom portion of the spindle. If necessary, the door stop arm should be adjusted to set the door opening to the maximum open position.

Once adjusted, the next step is to have the Norton 5900 Series X-in “learn.” With the door closed and latched, press the “LRN” (Learn) button on the Main Control Unit in order to calibrate the door mass and automatically set the backcheck and latch. Note: A two-second delay permits clearing the opening path before the door starts moving.

Adjustments can be made separate of the “learn” function. These include setting the hold open time by adjusting the potentiometer on the Main Control Unit.

The Norton 5900 Series X-in is available in two finishes, aluminum and statuary bronze. The finishes are sprayed with a combination of waterborne acrylic and polyester powder coat.
For a double-door installation, Norton offers a “Sync” cable in order to synchronizes the two operators when closing the two doors.

Norton 5900 X-in has a 2-year limited warranty.

A copy of the installation instructions is available online at the Norton Door Controls Web Site.
For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Norton Door Controls, 3000 Highway 74, East Monroe, NC 28112. Telephone: 877-974-2255. Web Site:

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