Servicing the Ford Fiesta, Part 2

The new Ford Fiesta uses the new high-security side-milled lock system that Ford plans to phase in on all of their vehicles worldwide.  It also has a transponder system that is essentially the same as other Ford products.  It features an easily...

Photo 69 shows the inserts and the hardened steel plate.  Make sure that you do not lose any of these because the lock simply will not work without all three.

With a properly cut key in the lock, we can see in Photo 70 that this lock only has eight out of ten of the wafers.  The ignition lock uses cuts 1 – 8, while the door lock uses all ten cuts.  Notice that there is a slot milled next to the number one and number two wafers.  This slot is there to prevent a brute-force attack.  If someone attempted to force-rotate the ignition lock, or to pull the plug out with a dent-puller, the plug would just snap in two between these slots.  Reassembling he lock is the reverse of the disassembly.

Please note that the ignition lock that I used in these photos was a new replacement lock and I did not put any grease in it so you could see the parts better.  When you service one of these locks, make sure that you use plenty of the supplied grease.  This will also help hold the inserts in place as you reassemble the lock.  The ignition lock uses the same tumblers as the door lock that is shown in photo 41.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta replacement ignition and door locks, key blanks and fobs are available from STRATTEC through standard locksmith distribution channels. The door and ignition lock repair kits contain sufficient number of wafer tumbler to combinate to any factory key code.


The STRATTEC part numbers for the 2011 Ford Fiesta are:

  • 7020057, Full Repair Kit, Door
  • 7020058, Full Repair Kit, Ignition
  • 4212475, Side Mill KV (Backup) Key
  • 5912976 Side Mill Fork/Blade
  • 5913139, Ford Logo 3 Button 80 Bit Transmitter
  • 5915237, Ford Logo Side Mill Plain RFID
  • 5919918, Ford Logo PEPS FOB

For more information regarding on the locks, fobs and key blanks, contact STRATTEC at their web site:

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