30 Under 30: Jeff Styer

As part of Locksmith Ledger’s 30 Under 30 series of interviews with 30 young locksmiths, I approached Jeffrey Styer about answering some questions about the world of locksmithing. Jeff is a very friendly and personable guy who made a point to show me...

If you get into this industry now, you have to evolve with it, you can be one dimensional. If you have the mentality that you’ll be fine rekeying locks, you’ll have a problem. Every day new products come out and you’ve got to keep up. Otherwise it’s going to be tough to convince a customer to have confidence in you when you’re sitting and reading the instructions before an installation.

That’s why I give my employer a lot of credit. Every day we’re learning about something new so we can be prepared for what we might run into when we’re out there.

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