Medeco Logic & M3 Logic: Security and Flexibility

In 2006 Medeco established the LOGIC technology eCylinder platform by integrating Assa Abloy CLIQ technology into Medeco mechanical products.  The product portfolio is based on the IKON solution which is an Assa Abloy sister company.  Logic was launched...

All tasks at the cylinder are done by the “C” key, including programming the key list and performing audits. A “C” key is required with every system, but more than one C-Key can be used for things like controlling cylinder management by areas and emergency management.  The “C” Key never opens cylinders for security reasons. It is only used for communication.


To fully understand the benefit of a Medeco Logic system, we first need to review what happens in a typical mechanical key system.  When keys are issued, security declines, because without a unique ID for each key holder, there is no way to track when key holders come and go.

Second, when you can't control a user’s access by schedule, you can't control when they’ll be in the facility.  With Logic, because you can schedule both in the key and the cylinder, security is maintained at a high level. 

Third, without patented credentials, either the key or credential could be duplicated without your knowledge.  Medeco Logic has an encrypted key and a patented mechanical blade for your assurance that nobody can duplicate a key without your permission. 

Fourth, when employees are fired or quit, if you don't immediately get their keys back, you have a potential breach on security.  With Logic, simply delete the key from the system with a quick visit to the door. 

And finally, when employees lose or misplace keys, if you don't know about it, you can't remove that from the system.  Because of Logic’s audit ability, you can take keys out of the system if you suspect that they’ve been lost or misplaced.

One challenge to the mechanical key format is that it cannot cross-over into more advanced technologies. It is a rigid platform designed to serve a single purpose.

So what happens if a potential customer already has EAC for their exterior of the building and wants something less expensive on the interior but still needs high security? Choices are limited especially if the customer wants to use a single credential for both systems. 

With the new Logic RFID Medeco has taken the existing Logic credential and built a 125Khz proximity coil into battery cover. This way the customer can carry a single credential that will work on multiple technologies.


Logic Web & Mobile

The Logic products continue to evolve and the latest development projects have produced the Logic Web Manager, a server-based solution which allows programming through a standard web interface such as Internet Explorer.  A system administrator in Los Angeles can easily make programming changes for an employee in New York.  The employee in New York can have his key reprogrammed by inserting the key into a Logic Remote Programming Device.  The Remote PD is a wall mounted PoE (Power over Ethernet) device which connects to your LAN (Local Area Network).  When the user inserts a key, the Remote PD will communicate with the server via TCP/IP to upload any audit information from the key and reprogram the key with any access changes.  This all occurs with little input from the user so training is minimal.

Logic Mobile PD expands the system’s by allowing key programming through a cellular telephone.  The Mobile PD has a USB port which can connect to either a PC or a cellular telephone for communication to the central server.  The cellular telephone connection allows access change to be made when a wired network connection is not available.  This technology opens many possibilities and offers extreme levels of security.  For example, you could have an armored car crew sent out to fill ATMs.  With this technology the key that the crew is assigned could be completely blank when it is handed out.  So if the key were lost, it would never be able to access any ATMs.  When the crew reaches an ATM they will insert their key into the Mobile PD.  The Mobile PD can allow the key to access the ATM for the next 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes the key will expire until they reach the next location.  This greatly reduces the security risks and costs associated with missing mechanical keys.







Medeco Logic & M3 Logic: Security and Flexibility


With this new technology, you can take an existing mechanical master key system and seamlessly integrate access control into sensitive openings. 


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