Changeable Function Mortise Locks

The mortise lock has been around for more than 100 years, installed into commercial buildings and residences. The mortise lock is stronger and has more function choices than cylindrical or tubular locks. The reason is the case is larger and more parts can...

Changing the function on the Schlage L9050 Universal Case requires using specific cams on the inside and/or outside lock cylinders and installing the chassis in either the locked or unlocked position. For this article, the Schlage L-Series Cam (AKA Clover Cam) permits the mortise cylinder plug to be rotated 360 degrees.

The Schlage L9060 (AKA Straight Cam) cannot be completely rotated. This limits the functionality to retracting a latch, not extending or retracting a deadbolt or unlocking the mechanism. For example, the L9060 cam is used on the exterior of the L9060 function mortise lock to retract the latch. The L-Series Cam is used on the interior to unlock or lock the mortise lock.

Mortise cylinder cam part numbers vary depending upon the style of lock cylinder (i.e. Classic, Everest or SFIC). Classic mortise lock cylinders have two holes for screws. The Everest (and Primus) has one offset screw hole. The IC (including SFIC) has a center hole.

The ANSI function F09, L9060 Apartment Entrance function mortise lock, has a mortise cylinder and a knob or lever on the outside and the inside of the door. The inside lock cylinder does not retract the latchbolt. The inside lock cylinder locks or unlocks the outside lever. The outside lock cylinder only retracts the latchbolt; it cannot lock or unlock the outside lever. The outside lock cylinder is keyed different than the inside lock cylinder. This way, renters can gain access into the building but cannot unlock or lock the outside lever.

The Apartment Entrance latchbolt is operated by lever on either side, except when made inoperative by the key operating the inside lock cylinder. When outside is locked, the latchbolt is retracted by key from outside or by operating inside lever. The Schlage Apartment Entrance mortise lock has an auxiliary deadlatch. The Apartment Entrance mortise lock is also known as a vestibule lock.

Both the Sargent Multi-Functional Lockbody and the Schlage L9050 Universal Case can be order without trim or a front. This way, these locks can be used to replace existing locks without having to order a specific lock function.

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