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AN ARGUMENT AGAINST VAN SIGNS Many locksmiths have some form of signage on their service vehicles. It has been an excellent way to attract attention and gain new business. Unfortunately signs can also attract unwanted attention. Driving an unmarked...

KK8-PH                                n/a                          KK8-P                          n/a                             No                            Kia

KK9-PHT                              n/a                         KK9-PT            TP12TOYO-18.P                 Yes                           Kia

KK9-PHT- LC*                    n/a                            n/a                TP00TOYO-18.P            Chipless                      Kia             Less Chip

LXP90H-PH                   BLX90-P                   LXP90-P                 LXP90-PH                       No                Lexus/Mazda/


TR51-PHT                  BTOY44D-PT           TOY44D-PT        TP30TOYO-15.P                 Yes                        Toyota

HU68-PHT                          n/a                       HU66T24         TP23HU-HAA.P1               Yes                  Volkswagen


For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Jet Hardware Manufacturing Corp., 800 Hinsdale St., Brooklyn, NY 11207. Telephone: 718-257-9600. Fax: 718-257-0973. Website: www.jetkeys.com.



A specialized tool is being marketed to program Toyota vehicles operating with the “4D” transponder chip. It appears that this tool can program the vehicles; however, there are strong warnings on the web sites including “you take the consequences.”



Major Manufacturing has introduced the HIT-145 Drill Guide for installing the Schlage AD Series Cylindrical Locks. The three-sided HIT-145 Drill Guide is mounted onto the using the existing 2-1/8” crossbore for alignment. The drill guide has hardened steel bushings on both sides to enable drilling from either side of the door. The HIT-145 drill guide will center on a standard 1-3/4” door. It will accommodate doors up to 2” thick with a 2-3/4” backset.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Major Manufacturing, 1825 Via Burton, Anaheim, CA 92806. Telephone: 714-772-5202. Web Site: www.majormfg.com.



This battery-operated LED light is configured to mount onto the door of a safe and illuminate the dial or keypad. The Security Safe Light has a two-minute lighting cycle that illuminates a red LED lighting source. The red LED does not affect a person’s night vision, so he or she can still see in the dark in case of an emergency.

This light has a contoured bottom to mount onto the safe door just over the dial or keypad. It is equipped with a magnet for attachment onto the safe door. There are two version of the Security Safe Light; one is for mechanical dial safe lock and the second is for electronic keypad safe locks. The included 3 volt lithium battery has an operating life expectancy of at least 750 operations.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor.



A1 Security has partnered with Lockcraft (LC) in order to promote the LC key blank brand. The LC automotive key blanks include VATS key blanks; transponder equipped key blanks, and plastic and metal head key blanks. Most key blanks are available with or without manufacturers logo. All key blanks are individually bagged in a LockCraft poly bag with LC, the Original Equipment and an industry part number. All non-electronic metal & plastic head key blanks will ship ten per box.

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