Re-Pinning with PACLOCK: It's A Breeze

Rekeying a cylinder is normally a process that involves a follower to remove the plug in order to complete disassembly.  Some companies have developed “windows” or other seemingly novel ways to cut down the complication of repining a cylinder...

Just as the title says, rotate the key back around so that the plug is in its original starting position.  You’ll hear the top pins re-engage with the bottom pins.  Remove the key and test. 

After a few times, this entire six-step process becomes a two-step process and takes a minute or two at the most. 

No tools are necessary and there’s no need to completely disassemble the cylinder - just a simple way to increase your productivity with PACLOCK.  Because a PACLOCK can be keyed into American Lock and Master Lock systems, PACLOCK’s pins are interchangeable with theirs.  If you already own an American Lock pinning kit, then you are ready to rekey a PACLOCK.

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